Duluth Airport Terminal Making Big Progress

In just a few weeks two passenger enclosures will be built to keep people safe from the weather and from traffic as they walk from the parking lot to the Duluth International Airport terminal. The enclosures will be up for the next two years while construction continues on the new building.

The $65 million project is expected to be more passenger friendly and more efficient. But getting there isn’t easy. Traffic signs change often, sometimes daily, causing confusion.

Brian Ryks, Executive Director of the Airport, said this is a small price to pay for a terminal that could fly in busness from across the world.

“Be cognizant of a long-term product which will be a much more convenient much more efficient facility for passengers to use as they’re coming and going from Duluth,” Ryks said.

The new terminal will also house more shops and vendors and allow for further expansion.

The airport has been adding flights from United and Allegiant airlines and they’re hoping the new terminal will help the airport get direct services to Phoenix and Denver in the future.