Duluth Airport Authority – Airport Master Plan Update

The Airport Master Plan for the Duluth International Airport (DLH) is the Duluth Airport Authority’s strategy for future development of the Airport. The master plan which was prepared over the period 2010-2013 presents a combination of technical analyses completed to identify the future needs of the Airport and the strategic vision of the Authority. As part of the inception of the study, a strategic plan identified the following goals for the Airport:

    • Determine an ultimate Runway 9-27 Length.
    • Identify Pavement Rehabilitation & Phasing / Pavement Condition Index Study.
    • Justify Runway Length for Secondary Commercial Service Runway.
    • Address FAA and Mn/DOT Standards:
      • Taxiway Separation & Intersection Configuration; and,
      • Land Use Zones.
    • Study the North Airport Business Development Area.
    • Plan for redevelopment of General Aviation Area(s).
    • Identify New/Replacement Air Traffic Control Tower Site.
    • Conduct Planning Coordination with Air National Guard.
    • Conduct Planning Coordination with Golden Triangle Study.
    • Identify a Future Airport Surveillance Radar Relocation Site.
    • Generate an Updated Airport Property Mapping / Land Acquisition Plan.

The Airport Master Planning process first develops a forecast of aviation activity for an Airport over a 20-year planning period. Based on the forecast, facility improvements needed to accommodate the demand indicated by the forecast are identified. Development alternatives for facility improvements, based on the forecast and the Authority’s Strategic Plan, are created and a thorough analysis results in selection of a preferred alternative. The selection of a preferred alternative includes consideration of potential environmental impacts which identified early on in the process. The final step of the plan includes identifying funding sources and obligations necessary to implement the plan.

Associated Files

DLH Executive Summary

DLH Master Plan Cover and Table of Contents

DLH-CH2 Introduction Public Program

DLH-CH3 Inventory

DLH-CH4 Forecasts

DLH-CH5 Facility Requirements

DLH-CH6 Alternatives


DLH-CH8 Implementation Chapter

DLH-CH9 Financial Chapter

DLH ALP- Set Part 1

DLH ALP- Set Part 2

DLH ALP- Set Part 3

DLH ALP- Set Part 4

DLH ALP- Set Part 5