Duluth International Airport

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Get Connected

We’re your passport to everywhere. With nonstop service to 3 destinations and thousands of connections, you can walk into your Duluth International Airport and emerge at virtually any destination around the world.



Fort Myers

Daily flights on 3 airlines:


Delta offers daily service to Minneapolis/St. Paul.

United offers direct service to Chicago.

Sun Country offers direct service to Fort Myers. Flights operate Mondays and Fridays

You're not just a traveler—you're our guest.

Whether you need to get going or want to relax and take your time, our airport is moving at the speed of you. We have everything you need to make your time with us everything you want it to be.

Eat & Drink

Enjoy great food and local craft brews at the Arrowhead Tap House.

Arrowhead Taphouse Beer Taps

Meet & Greet

Conference rooms and catering services that maximize your time on the ground.

Duluth Airport Conference Room

Serve & Smile

In life, it’s not just about the journey, it’s how you are treated along the way.

Duluth Airport Customer Service

General Aviation

General Aviation

Sky Harbor Airport

Sky Harbor Airport

Information for the folks in the front of the plane.

For pilots, here are the information and links you need to make Duluth International Airport your new favorite destination.

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Welcome to the People’s Airport

Sky Harbor Airport and Seaplane Base is the place where everyday dreams take flight.

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