All of this, all of us — just for you.

The Duluth International Airport is more than the sum of its runways, planes and people. It’s also a promise — a promise to provide the accessibility, service and best-in-class experience that this region deserves. We are the access point to one of America’s great small cities and one of the world’s most spectacular outdoor playgrounds, as well as being the gateway to everywhere for the people and businesses in the upper Midwest. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously, and a commitment that is reflected in everything we do.

The Duluth Airport Authority is the definitive leader of air travel in our region, overseeing the DLH terminal, general aviation, and Sky Harbor.


Our vision is to be the region’s center of aviation, supporting economic development by growing travel, cargo and business services for our customers and communities.

Recognizing our unique, dual role as both a provider of a wide spectrum air services and as a driver of the regional economy, the Duluth Airport Authority envisions the future of the Duluth International Airport as the regional center of gravity for air travel, air cargo, and aviation-related business, providing quality services and extensive benefits to travelers, businesses, and communities throughout a large and diverse region.

The commercial activity at the airport campus will be a catalyst for economic development locally and regionally — creating jobs and supporting businesses throughout the region.

In order to transform our vision into reality, the Authority also developed a mission statement which articulates how the airport will work with our partners to achieve its vision:


We are committed to providing our customers with superior services in a safe, secure, professional environment.