Badging Office & Hours.

Phone: (218) 625-7780
Location: Office 211 – on the second floor
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am-3:30pm

The Badging Office is closed Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Holidays.

The Duluth Airport Authority accepts online payments for new badges and badge renewals. Please ensure the proper forms, as listed in detail below, have been filled out before submitting payment.


Airport Security Badge Process

(Updated Oct 2nd, 2023)

New Badges:

Note: All NEW badge applicants will need to attend two appointments (One to complete their badge application and one for badge pickup)
*Ensure applicant brings two forms of IDs to the first appointment

  1. Applicant shall present two forms of ID to Authorized Signatory for respective company.
  2.  Authorized Signatory shall review ID’s and fill out the Signatory Page.
  3. The Authorized Signatory will then schedule an appointment for the applicant at and attach the Signatory form or email it to the badging office
  4. The first badge appointment is when the badge application is completed, and information is entered for the respective background checks.
  5. After results are received for the background checks, applicants must attend Security and Badge training which takes places virtually on Microsoft Teams every Tuesday at 10am. Signatories will provide a link to approved applicants.
  6. After training is completed, applicants will attend their scheduled badge appointment to get their photo taken and receive their printed badge.
  7. Pay for badges

Renewal Badges:

*Badges with expiration dates exceeding six months are not eligible to be renewed and will require the NEW badging process.

  1. Applicant shall notify Authorized Signatory for respective company of upcoming expiration date.
  2. Authorized Signatory shall review ID’s and fill out the Signatory Page.
  3. The Authorized Signatory will then schedule an appointment for the applicant
  4. Applicants will attend their scheduled badge appointment to swap their expired badge and get their printed renewed badge.
    • *Applicant must bring their expired badge and the two forms of ID presented earlier with the application to receive new badge
  5. Pay for badges

Badge Training

All badge holders must attend a training class before receiving their badge. Applicants cannot attend training until after their application has been submitted and their initial screening has been passed. The Security and badge training takes place online through Microsoft Teams every Tuesday morning at 10:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. This link will be given to Authorized Signatories who will then pass it along to the new applicant. New applicants will not receive a badge until they have attended training.

Appointment Scheduling

The badging office will now utilize an appointment scheduling software for all badging needs. As the badging staff takes on more duties and tasks, our availability will decrease. Having set badge appointments will ensure there is always someone available to take care of any badging requests. The appointment scheduler is meant for Authorized Signatories and General Aviation only as there is a specific process for badging.

Lost, Stolen, and Returned Badges

Contact the office at (218) 625-7780 immediately. Please contact your direct manager or the Badging Office for fee and payment details. Fees may apply.

Please use the Badge Status Change Request form for any badge that is returned to the airport.

Badge Status Change Request [PDF]