The perfect venue for your next high-powered meeting.

Our spacious community meeting rooms provide a great off-site space for your team or group. With a full catering menu, space to accommodate groups up to 143 people and an attentive staff, you’ll have everything you need for a great meeting.

Interested? Please contact the Duluth Airport Authority, (218) 625-7773,

A great place to meet.

Our new conference areas provide a great space for your next meeting. From professional meetings to community and social gatherings, high-speed Wi-Fi and a comfortable environment allow you to effectively attend to the business at hand.

Conference Room 0-4 Hours 4-8 Hours
1st Floor Baggage Claim – Wall Up $300 Per Agreement
2nd Floor Secure Business Club Conference Room $40 $80
2nd Floor Mezzanine $250 $350
2nd Floor Room #250 $100 $150
3rd Floor Amatuzio A $150 $200
3rd Floor Amatuzio B $100 $200
3rd Floor Amatuzio C $100 $200
3rd Floor Amatuzio A & B $175 $250
3rd Floor Amatuzio B & C $175 $250
3rd Floor Amatuzio A B & C $200 $300

Bites for business meetings.

Keep the conversation going and energy high with catering for conference center meetings. Our extensive catering menu offers meals and snacks for all times of day and all sizes of appetites.