How to Find the Best Price for Flights

We’re guessing that – since you’re on an airport website – you love to travel. We’re also guessing that – since you’re a human being – you love a good deal. We’re ready to share with you a few tips on how to get the best price on your next flight!

Airlines Set Prices, Not Airports

This means that one of the best ways to get better prices on flights out of DLH is for more people to fly out of DLH, increasing demand and ultimately lowering prices. It’s a proven tactic, and it’s on display right now at DLH. In the first six months of 2019 we saw airlines reduce fares by 5% at the same time passenger numbers increased by 15%.

This increased demand also means more options for you. So far this year, American Airlines has added daily direct service to Chicago, and Sun Country Airlines has created a new partnership with Landline’s Duluth to MSP shuttle service, meaning you now have four major carriers to choose from when you book out of DLH.

Search Smart

There’s a lot of flight aggregator options out there, but our vote for the very best is Google Flights. This powerful flight search engine gives you current fare information and a vast array of flight options, all in seconds.

To get the most out of your Google Flights search experience, we recommend the following tips:

If you know your dates, set up a price alert. Once you’ve entered your flight itinerary and clicked ‘done,’ look above the search results for a toggle labeled “Track prices.” Flipping this switch will allow Google to send you updates on the lowest priced flight for your itinerary.

If you’re flexible, explore destinations. If you’re looking for a great deal on a getaway, click the “Explore destinations” link above the map on the home page. Adjusting your search settings from specific dates to flexible dates will show you great deals on destinations anywhere – whether for a weekend getaway, week-long trip, or 2-week vacation.

Find the best price using price graph. If your destination is set but your dates are not, click the ‘price graph’ icon above your search results. You’ll get a pop-up showing you several months’ worth of prices in a bar graph format, allowing you to easily scan for the best deal.

Finally, Know When To Shop

If you’re booking a flight, you should be doing it at least three weeks out for the best deal. As for what day of the week to book, Tuesday afternoons have historically been the best day to shop, but Sundays are good days, too. There’s reasons for this, but they have to do with airline sales reports and … you just fell asleep didn’t you?

Using these tips can help you get the best deal on your next flight out of DLH. As the winter weather sets in and you begin to dream of that warm weather getaway, head over to Google Flights and explore your options. You’ll be departing DLH for someplace warm before you know it.