Hangar 101 Demolition Project Update – June 28

The Airport is in the middle of demolishing Hangar 101. The project began on June 8, 2022 following wind storm damage when the building was deemed unsafe by the Duluth Fire Department. This project was cleared by the FAA for immediate demolition through a Notification of Emergency Situation. The demolition only includes the removal of the structure with the concrete hangar pad remaining in place. Further site development will occur in future years as outlined in the Airport Master Plan.

On June 25, 2022 the Federal Aviation Administration published a Notice of Environmental Assessment (EA) regarding this project. A digital version of the EA can be downloaded here [PDF]. Copies of the EA are also available for public review now during regular business hours at the following locations:

  • Duluth Airport Authority administration offices, 4701 Grinden Drive, Duluth
  • Duluth City Hall, 411 West 1st Street, Duluth
  • Hermantown City Hall, 5105 Maple Grove Road, Hermantown
  • Duluth Public Library, 520 West Superior Street, Duluth
  • MNDOT District 1, 1123 Mesaba Avenue, Duluth

Written comments will be accepted until August 9th, 2022. Please direct written comments to Natalie White, Senior Scientist, SEH, PO Box 229, Duluth, MN 55801-0229 or nwhite@sehinc.com.